Upgrading Existing Security Systems

Eversafe Security can undertake alarm system upgrades & repairs to many older alarm systems.

Have you just taken over premises with an existing system?  Do you know how to operate it? Is is an older Bosch,  Honeywell, ADEMCO, Ness, Hills or DAS system? We are experienced in all of these systems.

As service technicians with over 40 years experience, we are trained in many different control panels, and hardware.  This means that we can service and repair alarm systems that many of today’s young technicians cannot, perhaps have never even seen let alone worked on.

If you have just been introduced to the security system in your new premises, we can demonstrate its operation and check out the alarm system to ensure optimal operation.  We can review the security to ensure there are no vulnerable or unprotected areas for you to be concerned about and suggest any modifications or upgrades to improve the system and protect your family, home or business.

repairs and upgradesWe specialise in repairs and maintenance of older security systems. Today’s security technicians are generally only experienced in modern systems. We are conversant with all systems since the beginning of electronic security itself. With break-ins and home invasions on the increase, your system needs to work to protect you and your family. We may be able to save you money by repairing older systems rather than upgrading or replacing them.

If you have a system, can you tell if it is working effectively? We can help by:

  • Repairing and upgrading existing security systems
  • Installing new alarm and camera systems
  • Tailoring security systems for you and your budget
  • Integrating the latest app technology

Do These Look Like Your System?

Some of these system components are over 25 years old! You service and upgrade your car or mobile phone, why not your alarm system? After all it’s there to protect your business, home and loved ones. Modern technology has come a long way from the days when your system was installed.

Why not arrange with us to inspect and report on your system? During our visit, we’ll check and test the main control unit, code pad, the backup battery, charger and make sure all sirens and sensors are fully operational with the ability to communicate with the monitoring station, should you choose to add this extra layer of protection. We can check smoke detectors and recommend upgrades or enhancements to the system to fit in with how you like to live.

Plus, we’ll let you know about all the new and clever things that you can do with security systems and cameras. Maybe you might like to upgrade your system with state of the art technology?

And then, Eversafe Security can offer an annual maintenance service to ensure that you will have peace of mind knowing that your security system is fully functional and continuing to provide around the clock protection for your home or business.

Call or email our friendly security experts at Eversafe Security today to book your security system maintenance appointment for your Brisbane home or business.