Business Alarm and Security Systems

business alarm systemsEversafe Security has been supplying and installing alarm and security systems to the Brisbane business since 1978.

We specialise in high quality products, bringing our skillset to each quotation and installation to ensure that we provide what your business needs. All our learning and training is aimed at providing the best security for our clients – giving them peace knowing that their business is protected, even when they are not there.

Our alarm systems are not just standard, but designed specifically for the premises and application. Our highly experienced security experts come to your business to discuss your requirements and concerns, to identify weak or vulnerable areas around your property requiring protection. We then design a system and quote for the installation of a business alarm system 100% tailored to your business.

We provide a range of high performing Alarm Systems for Business & Commercial properties for both the retail and business sectors in South East Queensland. Our Alarm Systems incorporate state of the art security products which can include features such as Biometrics, encrypted card and wireless key fob, Geo-fencing. Alarm System technology can also provide restricted access to certain areas, as well as an audit trail to identify staff movements within your organisation.

For added protection, we can integrate an alarm system with a CCTV system and monitoring by our Central Station, thus giving you the assurance that your business is protected 24/7.

Whether you run a small local business or a large commercial factory, you can rely on the team at Eversafe Security to provide a security solution that suits your individual business requirements and budget. With over 40 years of operation and industry experience, we have worked with businesses of all types of industries and sizes across Brisbane, delivering peace of mind with comprehensive, customised business alarm systems.

  • Monitoring customer and employee access and traffic
  • Monitoring of numerous locations from one central device
  • Reducing vandalism
  • Tracking product inventory movement
  • Improved employee security and performance
  • May reduce insurance costs

How To Choose The Right Alarm System

how to choose the right alarm systemA well selected Alarm System can be custom tailored and programmed to work in conjunction with your security requirements including CCTV installation, and plant and equipment, to meet the business’ requirements. Many times we have applied various security components to address a business application for which no generic product was available. Such is the flexibility of modern electronics.

After your preliminary enquiry, an Eversafe Security consultant will discuss your requirements and ask about how your business works and what you are looking to achieve with your security system, and custom design an Alarm System for you.

“One size does not fit all”. So here are some points to think about so that we get your Alarm System’s selection and operation correct. Depending on the application, there may be other specific points to consider.

  • How many staff will have access and require a PIN number?
  • Are there Staff who will need access to the business outside of normal hours?
  • Does the Alarm System need remote access for programming?
  • Would the alarm need to be remotely accessed to arm or disarm in the event of an emergency?
  • Will staff be restricted to specific hours of operation, or will staff need to access in other non-business time windows?
  • Do you plan to integrate the Alarm System with a CCTV security camera system?
  • Do you have internal door/s that need to be Alarmed, or segregation from other work areas?
  • Are you considering Access Control to be used in conjunction with your Alarm System
  • Do you have multiple buildings on the one site that need to be protected or linked?
  • Will your system require Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)

Components Of Your Alarm System

components of your alarm systemComponents comprising your Alarm System, once we have a clear understanding of your business and how it functions, we can custom tailor and design your Alarm System for you.

Remember – as we said, “One size does not fit all”,

There are multiple components that make up a well architected comprehensive and professional Alarm System. These vary for different sites and industries, but as a general rule they include components such as…

  • Alarm System Design
  • Control panel/box and codepad
  • Motions Sensors – to suit the application
  • Photo-electric beams and outdoor detectors
  • Duress & Hold-up Alarms
  • Magnetic Reed Switches for Windows and Doors
  • Wireless Devices (detectors, reed switches, remotes)
  • Card readers, tags & electric door release for access control
  • Secure Location & Protection of Control Equipment
  • Cabling, its location and protection, or Wireless
  • Remote Access devices/software
  • Hardware to allow remote access
  • Integration of Security Systems and platforms (Alarm , CCTV & Access Control)