5 Reasons why you need Security Alarm Systems

by | Jul 15, 2023

Here in Queensland, with the escalating youth crime and violence, ensuring the safety and security of our homes and businesses is vital.  With the abundance of security solutions available, it can be difficult to decide the type of security system will give you the best protection.  Do you choose security cameras or an electronic alarm system, or BOTH?

While cameras are a valuable device, there are several reasons why an alarm system should form an essential part of your overall security, and precede cameras for better effect.

The following 5 REASONS are the advantages that we,  as security professionals, identify for a security alarm system being better than cameras in many cases.

1. Real-time Response:

Security alarms have a distinct advantage over cameras due to their ability to provide real-time action in the case of an alarm activation due to break-in or emergency situation.  At the time an alarm system is triggered, it  can immediately notifies the monitoring station of the event, and of course, the homeowner.  Speedy action can then be carried out by the monitoring room operators.

This includes contacting emergency services or patrol response, thus minimising damage and loss. If you “self-monitor” your alarm system, what will you do in the event of  an alarm activation?   You could jump in your car and race home to comfront any intruders, not recommended unless you are a karate expert, or maybe phone the police.  As professionals in regular contact with Police , we can tell you that it is very unlikely that Police will rush to your home of office in response to your phone call.

2. Deterrent Power:

Make your alarm system presence noticeable!  The outside siren box with flashing light and stickers will act as a deterrent against potential intruders.  These displayed signs show that there is an alarm system installed and therefore the property will be difficult to break into quietly.  An intruder does not want the noise from sirens to draw attention to their activities.

When the alarm sounds, an intruder will move on, looking for an easier target. Cameras on the other hand, rarely deter intruders and thieves.  Which means they can go about their criminal tasks unhindered and unchallenged.  Sure you can see them on your phone, but what are able to do about it?

3. All-inclusive Coverage:

An alarm system provides complete protection by monitoring and ‘watching’ entry points and internal areas of your premises.  Security can consist of detectors in a room looking at entry doors, magnetic contacts on doors and windows, plus detectors in areas requiring additional protection to minimise loss and theft of your valuables.  If an unauthorised entry is detected by an alarm activation, an immediate response will be triggered – sirens sound, lights flash and monitoring control room is notified to take action for you.

A camera system can record an intrusion, but rarely acts as a deterrent unless the CCTV system is supported with an audio system with a recorded message or action by the homeowner when the vision is received on their phone app.

4. Round-the-Clock Protection :

Alarm system as not like cameras.  Cameras require human intervention to monitor the areas in view and then , hopefully, take meaningful action.  An alarm system once installed, however, will provides protection 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

When armed, the system will protect your home or business and identify an intrusion, instantly triggering the alarm.  It will then respond as programmed, as mentioned above.  This continual monitoring of the system ensures that your premises is protected even if you are in bed asleep or away for any reason.

5. Instant Notifications:

If the security alarm system is triggered, it will provide instant action and messages via several methods – audible sirens, a transmission to a monitoring station, or mobile phone apps.  With the monitoring station, alarm activation response action will be set-up as per your pre-determined instructions, ensuring timely action that doesn’t rely on your input,  no matter where you are.  Yes, you can get alerts to your phone app, just remember that its up to you to how to respond to the alarm activation. Modern alarms have a very low “false alarm rate”, so don’t think that an alarm activation is a “false alarm” and ignore it.

With regards to a camera system, its good to be able to see what’s going on at you premises.  Remember , the recorded footage must be viewed manually and then take action taken.  What action will you take?


A camera system is valuable in viewing certain areas of your home or business, and gathering of evidence for proof of an intrusion.  Cameras alone however, are only part of an ideal solution for complete protection.

A security alarm system provides real-time activation and response, as well as providing a visible deterrent, strategic coverage and 24/7 monitoring of the alarm.

The amalgamation of a custom designed alarm system, designed for your premises and lifestyle and  integration of camera system with considered planned placement will provide a strong security system to protect against potential intrusions.

Fully protect your home or business with an  integrated security solution consisting of a camera system AND an alarm which is monitored by a control station, its cheaper than you may think.

An enhanced security system highlights prevention rather than reactive measures, deterring threats to provide a safe environment for you, your family and property.

Have you been a victim of a home invasion and are looking for an immediate upgrade of security in your home?