System Monitoring

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Monitored Security Systems

For protection of family, home and business we recommend that the alarm system be monitored by a certified monitoring station. This type of monitoring is available 24/7 with staff watching for activations of alarms and then acting upon your pre-determined instructions – providing protection when you are not there. They also monitor the status of your alarm system, notifying client and alarm installer of faulty detectors, low battery levels etc.

The staff are trained to guide clients through alarm situations. If they cannot ‘talk you through it’, then our technicians will be contacted.

An alternative monitoring is the self-monitored monitoring. This where you monitor triggers and activations via your smart phone on an APP.

NOTE: Police will not attend an alarm at a premises unless it is verified by a certified monitoring station. Do you want to endanger yourself by possibly confronting an intruder?

A monitored alarm system gives your home or business an extra layer of protection and pre-warning of activations so that you are aware of possible break-in before entering your home.

Eversafe Security

Tailored Security Monitoring

A monitored alarm system gives your home or business added protection against intruders, and is generally a requirement by your insurance company.

24/7 continuous monitoring for peace of mind
Instant access to emergency services
Theft deterrence
Lower insurance costs

Eversafe Security

How System Monitoring Works

When the alarm is triggered, a notification will be sent to our Brisbane security monitoring centre. We will take action as per your instructions that you gave us when we set up your system, which can include contacting police and sending a patrol car to check on your home or business. Being informed of any alarm activations pre-warns you of what you may ‘walk into’ in your business premises or home, thus hopefully avoide a confrontation with an intruder. Yes, these days you can monitor your system from your smart phone, but what do you do when you receive an alarm? Police have changed the rules on what alarms they will attend and which ones they won’t. As well as alarm or equipment monitoring, we can now monitor cameras at your home or business. If you want maximum protection for your home or business in Brisbane QLD, and find out how new police alarm attendance rules affect you, get in touch with our team at Eversafe Security today to discuss the options of 24 hour alarm and camera monitoring for you.

Have you been a victim of a home invasion and are looking for an immediate upgrade of security in your home?