Wireless Alarm Systems

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Wireless Security Systems

For situations where it is difficult to ‘run cables’, we can install wireless detectors. The alarm system can be totally wireless where triggers or activations are received at the control panel by a receiver. The alarm system can also utilise a combination of wireless and hard-wired detectors.

Within a wireless alarm system, we can provide 2 or 4 button remotes or fobs. These fobs can turn the alarm system on or off, remotely, simply by the press of one button. No worries about trying to remember another PIN code. Certain fobs can also be programmed for a PANIC situation. Pressing the ‘panic’ button will send a signal to the control panel and then on to the Central Monitoring Station who will contact you to ensure everything is OK. (Monitored alarms only.)

Eversafe Security

Tailored Home Security

Wireless security systems are perfect for two storey homes or offices where cable installation can be difficult or unsightly, town houses and apartments where installation of wiring, or drilling holes in walls, etc is not permitted. This is an ideal solution for Renters as they can now secure and protect the premises and valuables without unsightly wiring. Now you can get great security for your Brisbane home or business with top quality wireless components to protect you and your possessions without the costs and unsightly cables.

Quick and easy installation

Easy removal

Offers extra protection because they don’t have phone lines to cut that would quickly disable the alarm system

Easy to upgrade and modify

Convenient remote accessibility

Capable of home automation

Ideal security for renters – no wiring or drilling holes.

Eversafe Security

Benefits Of A Wireless Alarm System

With our range of Wireless Security Alarms, we can protect virtually any home or office regardless of its design and layout. And because the systems are wireless, they can be moved from one location to the next, easily and quickly. This means installation time and costs are greatly reduced, and the finished installation is very neat and tidy with no ugly wires.

Today’s systems don’t need big control boxes with big back up batteries to run all the sensors, code pads and sirens. In modern wireless systems, each sensor or device has its own very-long life battery, and when the battery eventually needs replacing, the system will let you know, so you are always on top of things.

A range of white security systems

And because the systems use Wi-Fi and Internet, all you need is an internet connection and you can not only turn your system on & off, but you can control it from your smart phone. Add some cameras, and you can view inside your home on your phone or tablet. For extra security our Wireless Alarm Systems can still be monitored by the Central Monitoring Station, with signals now sent securely via Wireless or Ethernet rather than the old fashioned phone line.

If you have put off having a security system due to the wiring limitations, now is the perfect time to explore the new wireless systems and how they can protect you, your property and loved ones.

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