Don’t let your CCTV security camera system get hacked!

by | Aug 26, 2023

Some installation companies leave the Master or Admin password as the default. e.g., – User = admin, and password = 1234 (something easy and similar) Not secure at all!!!

Or maybe you have set your password to something simple, like your name, and the Password also simple and easy to remember, like a birthday.   If it’s easy for you, then it’s easy for a hacker. Some installation companies will use a good strong User & Password as the Administrator, and set you up as a “user”, but guide you to choose strong passwords for login.

To protect against being hacked, you need to be sure that your logins are unique and somewhat complex. Don’t use dictionary words, because hackers run these in their attack.  If you must use a word, e.g., “goldfish”, add some upper case characters, numbers and symbols, and preferably write the word backwards.  e.g., Hsif#DloG99.  Remember, a longer PW is better.

If your system uses a wireless link to connect to your internet router, it will generally use what we call a “nano-router”.  This has its own unique, long and complex password set up in the factory.  So information sent from your video recorder to your internet router will also be protected from wireless attack.

Once you have changed your login User name and PW on your video recorder, take a photo of it and save it on your phone or PC, or print it out and save it somewhere safe.  We get all of our customers to do this at set up stage of a new installation so that they can easily get back into the system when required.  As an installation company, we keep secure records of both ours and our customers’ setup codes so that if customers can’t find the logins, we can help.  We hope this has helped you. Stay secure and private.

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