CCTV Camera Installation Without Drilling

CASE STUDY – Mary-ann We recently received a phone call from a lovely lady who lives in a retirement village. We’ll call her Mary-ann. She was referred to us by one of the electrical retailers in Brisbane who sell security camera systems. Her issue was that people were coming into her unit when she was out and taking things. She didn’t know who, but they had keys to her unit, and she wanted to get video footage so that she could take appropriate action. Mary-ann had already tried various DIY cameras and gadgets but they just didn’t give her usable [...]

Don’t let your CCTV security camera system get hacked!

HERE’S HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF2 Change your login name & password on the video recorder. All CCTV Systems have a Master or Admin login for technicians,  and additional logins for system users. Some installation companies leave the Master or Admin password as the default. e.g., – User = admin, and password = 1234 (something easy and similar) Not secure at all!!! Or maybe you have set your password to something simple, like your name, and the Password also simple and easy to remember, like a birthday.   If it’s easy for you, then it’s easy for a hacker. Some installation companies [...]

Do you have a CCTV security camera system installed?

Do you know what happens in a blackout, or when an intruder turns the power off? IT ALL STOPS!  NO power to your house or business, means no power to your cameras, or recorder, or router.  The whole system is "DEAD".   So the camera security protection that you were relying on to protect you, doesn't! Unless, of course, you have a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to keep everything working. When people get quotes for CCTV camera systems they are often price conscious, and the UPS is left out of the quote to make the quote look more competitive.  The extra [...]

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