Intruders ransack home for 45 minutes while family sleeps

by | Nov 22, 2023

As reported on Channel 7 news, Tuesday 25th July, intruders broke into a home – were there for 45 minutes and stole a car and the callous thieves even stole a child’s pocket money. Are they that desperate or is it that they don’t care about anyone or anything? What is the solution so that it doesn’t happen to you?
One solution is to have an electronic alarm system installed with the capability of dividing the home into areas or partitions. This will allow the homeowner to turn on or arm the family/kitchen/dining area while leaving the bedroom area isolated or turned off. Having the bedroom area off will allow you to go to the bathroom without setting off the alarm.
If an intruder breaks into an armed and partitioned area, the alarm will sound. It will wake you, but it will scare the intruders who will bolt as they do not like noise drawing attention to them and their actions. The intruders will only be in the home for a couple of minutes, rather than 45 minutes as reported in this case.

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